The car market after the beginning of the Matthew effect: venture capital gamble blowout period

A focus on Lu Bao box layout has been started. In December 23rd last year, "I Tencent car life platform" the first floor products "I maintenance" was officially launched in Shenzhen. In line with the conditions of the owners as long as the insured insurance auto insurance, through download Tencent Lu Bao APP or attention Tencent road Baowei letter public, can be in the designated service outlets to enjoy year-round, unlimited, free routine maintenance service. As a OBD, Tencent Road Box in the release date, it has been the industry saw the car after the market peep ambition, you just did not expect, layout of the speed this IT giant will so fast. In fact, now the market after the car is becoming the Nuggets investors eyes the most hot. Statistical data, from 2006 to 2014, the domestic market about a $2000000000 investment in the automobile service field, but only in 2014 in the second-hand car field of venture capital investment amount is more than the total of all the previous year, the amount of about $800000000. "The wind has been dubbed the 'mad cast'." An anonymous industry sources, around the car market after the entrepreneurial enthusiasm was ignited circle continue to spread, "everyone is not in the business, is on his way to the business". After a period of market ushered in the tuyere Now, the domestic wind power can roughly be divided into three big camps. The first group is represented by the IDG, the overseas capital, the second camp is a joint venture of fund, the third camp is the domestic corporate executives angel investment group. The three camps have formed a multi hierarchy capital strength, lurking in the market after the car waiting. Li Jianshe is one of them investors. As the extension group fund manager, now his main job is with friends for investment projects in the automotive aftermarket, and before that he engaged in the occupation with the car dealer about. "Whether you admit it or not, now, after the car market is in one of the best business opportunities, which is what we call the tuyere period." Li Jianshe think, 5 years later, Chinese second-hand car market will usher in blowout period, repair, maintenance, refueling, beauty, cleaning and other sub sectors that second-hand car moving will usher in a consumption boom. A group of data comparison of Sino US car city is one of the market power these investors keen car after. Statistical data, USA present new and used car sales ratio is 1:4, and this number China opposite is 4:1, which also Chinese each sold four new cars will be a used car for sale, which means that in the new replacement rate, Chinese market potential is still far has not been released. China Automobile Circulation Association had predicted, by 2020 China's second-hand car market will reach twenty million scale. If a car 50000 yuan price calculation, twenty million vehicles is one trillion yuan. Because the second-hand car every hour and moment need not service, so around it generated after market services, will be a scale of up to hundreds of billions of dollars of level market. And now the distance the tipping point of these consumption and 5 years. In 5 years, in the capital market seems is the layout of the industry point of time. "The general for the Vc firms, the waiting period for it in the 3~5 years, so many people are now in the market after the car in Happy Valley enclosure, their goal was very clear, is to wait for 5 years after the blowout phase." Li Jianshe said. Now in addition to the second-hand car market level capital market and the number of multiple level increasing, the emergence of mobile Internet tools, no doubt added fuel to the fire for this venture tide. As a tool of information interaction, mobile Internet makes the customer and the service mechanism of communication cost is greatly reduced, at the same time one on one execution efficiency is greatly enhanced, which makes the development of automotive after market multiple industry full of imagination. Third means that eliminated Capital and ignite the enthusiasm of people's entrepreneurial passion. From the beginning of 2013, around the car market after the Internet business, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as they emerge in an endless stream. This is not only the Tencent, Ali, Jingdong such large B2C platform website, there are car manufacturers built business platform, such as SAIC investment A station, but is more entrepreneurial company with ants, little car prototype as the representative, their "leader" or from the automotive circle, either IT cross border. But with ten ministries jointly issued the "on promoting the transformation and upgrading of automobile repair industry guidance" to upgrade the quality of services introduced, this trend will be more business unit. Chinese automotive technology and research center of automobile industry policy research director Huang Yonghe forecast, the future China will emerge a large number of independent brand, independent operation of large parts of enterprise group. They will also use the electric business platform, reshuffle of the industry. Loosen the mobile Internet and policy, low entrepreneurs to enter the car market after the threshold, but also let this happy valley enclosure of the startup game fierce. Li Jianshe told reporters, in 2014 the average monthly fall in P2P mode or Run away entrepreneurs about 60 or so, but for investors, in the 10 project investment, as long as there is a success, can get considerable return on investment income. In order to attract investors eyes, that Venture Company can continue to survive, between them the competition is very fierce. One of the most typical case is the second-hand car market car easily beat with superior letter take contest. The two operators of second-hand car trading of electronic commerce network of companies, from the beginning because of ranking data started rivalry secretly. This summer, the car easily beat even gifted letter take seriously degrade the actual transactions and transactions
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