Chain dream for the automotive after market, wait to find the soul

Under the banner of the market chain is too much, both comprehensive type, hybrid pioneer, also make do type comer. The author examines the market chain around the old and new sample, the contact part of the boss in-depth exchanges especially group, still feel the industry people don't change original intention of chain dream, enthusiastic. But that "much more uniform shop is the chain" thinking still dominates many enterprises "listing" chain; and integration chain concept was popular, that many service enterprises improvise, complementary stage can chain. The simple view and so on, destined to the blind do sth over and over again. Of course, if the development of positioning and locking several, or Manniu drag car dozens, or set of money to learn experience, also be without rebuke - your site, you call the shots. Usually relates to the technical service project service chain stores on the market situation, a few enterprises some chain scale (regardless of join, cooperation). But years of work on this successful case goods, according to the industry, illustrate both the layout of the speed or rate of return on investment, not ideal. The bottleneck of chain size in where? The root is not found "focal point, profit point, control point" (the chain theory) combination point 1, the lack of marketing positioning impress consumers consumption value the tipping point (multi market area fill type, rather than the characteristics of service type), and spread fast and simple, so had no choice but to low aspirations (technical service can take the cheap route? Can excessive free?) Or is incapable of advertising. One stop so, beauty maintenance as well. 2, profit of about speed. If the chain profit contribution to support headquarters in normal operation, will inevitably affect the layout of advance (and funds), and if the chain model of flexible management, monitoring management and operation system must be too big, eat the investment rate of return. Besides maintaining constant enough customers, operation "depth" (double spending), "breadth" (package) bound, have you seen McDonald, Gome and tugged on you? This "limited" customer model, to find the big customer data development direction? 3, rely on the storefront interpersonal or service to do business not only can't fast heritage replication, even the technology service standards by consumers to directly experience perception and hard landing (not only the responsibility in the employee's occupation habits). But unfortunately, repair chain, integration chain, the market still do the planning article in the surface, deviated from the essence of chain origin. That is to say, to do the chain has doubled in value social investment, market or the case of inertial thinking (don't give misleading oh), the scientific logic can't support the investment decision. In fact, the market some brave thinkers, have to chain "offbeat breakthrough thinking". - do simple business, customer flow, also said, "focus", with the ultimate standard shortcut flow for a lot of customers, such as low-cost quick oil change, car washing. This is clearly more reliable than the traditional thinking mode of chain. The author is not afraid of leakage, share my "discount beauty nursing" chain (the introduction of Gome, McDonald's, 7 days of chain, Starbucks essence). Point is: 1) the single store operation fool, reduce dependence on industry experience; 2) headquarters marketing pull, remove the stores sell difficulty; 3) build talent, talent open platform, reduce the chain personnel supply constraints; 4) more than 60% Maori stores, can support the headquarters costs. For outsiders think car service chain is too difficult, because too complicated; for my wife saw service chain lack of standards lack of talent, the besieged these representations because it saw chain business logic above.
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