Refit automobile power promotion tips

Has a beautiful appearance, a strong driving force, moving roar. These are cars fancier who most want to refit. But more important than the modification is safe, so in the meantime car modification should consider appropriate. Accessories the more expensive the better idea also exist many loopholes. In automobile refitting don't blindly seek expensive, think "cheap no good goods". Find the suitable is the best. Spark plug change: the low cost, short service life to 20000 kilometers, poor high temperature resistance, ignition ordinary nickel copper spark energy small plug changes to a long life to 100000 kilometers, resistance to high temperature above 2000 DEG, the ignition capability is extremely strong, but iridium spark plug corresponding high cost is a kind of entry technique. Need to pay attention to the choice of heat value, low engine acceleration powerless, too high will produce carbon. The Japanese use the naturally aspirated vehicle 5 degrees to 7 degrees can be reached to strengthen the purpose, turbocharged cars with 7 degree above is preferred. Note: the general Japanese spark plug with a nominal 5 degrees, 6 degrees, 7 degrees... Increasing positive incremental, but Europe is the spark plug is just the opposite.
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