Car repair maintenance but also to the implementation of the new regulation is not the 4S shop repair

All the time since, to 4S shop car price is expensive, spare parts, after sale service information opaque monopoly monopoly problems, these problems will be broken. In January 1st this year, jointly issued by the State Department of transportation, the national development and Reform Commission and other departments of the "on the promotion of automobile repair industry guidance to enhance the service quality upgrading" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") formally implemented. This means that consumers can in general repair factory with lower cost to enjoy the same with the 4S shop repair service. At the same time, "opinions" also provides, this year all listed new car must information open repair technology, allows authorized parts distribution enterprise user resale original accessories to the terminal. It is understood, "opinions" requirements of the automobile production and its authorized sales, repair enterprise shall not limit, intervention consumers self select repair service enterprises and repair, not to the car in the "three packs of" period choose non authorized repair service for the reason to refuse to provide repair service. The requirements of establishment and implementation of auto repair technology of information disclosure system, guarantee the equal right to access to technical information auto production enterprises the right of all repair repair enterprise. That is to say, in the car "three packs of" period, even if the consumers are not authorized repair or 4S stores to do the maintenance, can also go to 4S shop for repair. However, this reporter recently visited a number of auto 4S shop in the city found, many 4S shops to not in the store maintenance vehicles shall not provide auto repair service. "Now most of the 4S shop in the main source of profit on maintenance and repair daily, or even sell the car or sometimes lose money to sell, if consumers can choose to repair and maintenance, will have a great impact on our 4S shop." Yangtze River Road, a car 4S shop staff told reporters. The reporter understands, before consumers in the purchase of the car, because the car manufacturers and authorized 4S shop monopoly in the original accessories, technology in the longitudinal, consumers in order to better for the automobile repair, can only go to the 4S store. In order to break the monopoly, "opinions" provisions, since January 1st this year, the automobile production enterprises to be listed on a new car, car repair technical information to authorized repair enterprises and individual operators of public.
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