Many people do not know a little knowledge of winter washing do not pull the handbrake

Recently, the temperature steep drop into the winter, but the day is a day than a cold weather, especially sooner or later the weather, may already be in icy conditions in parts of car, so this season is also the most that the owners of a headache, but the winter wash is also critical, in the cold season when washing may because some aspects of not paying attention can cause a lot of damage to the car. Provided is emphasized in the snow after, must give the car cleaning, because in order to melt the snow faster will sprinkle salt water on the road, snow ablation acceleration, but salt water has a large number of corrosive substances, on the chassis of the vehicle is of great harm, so the car must tell the staff on site to clean. Many will ignore this aspect. So the winter car should pay attention to what. Should use warm water with neutral detergent special in the winter to wash the car, the car because front engine is relatively high in the working temperature, and cold water in winter is very low, so the larger temperature difference on the car paint surface is not good, there is a very easy to cause the paint freeze, not easy to do. And alkaline detergent is relatively large, more suitable for the courage to remove grease like, on the long-term accumulated in the car paint surface debris removal effect is not obvious. Neutral detergent because it contains more surface active component, so it can not only remove debris, after washing, can leave a thin layer on the surface of the paint protection layer, make the car look more glamorous. The most important step is the washing dry. I believe that many owners have washed the door handle is stand frost car after experience in the winter, this is because the general car wash shop just surface water probably wipe it again, and many water residue in the crack of the door, door lock, handle these parts, and cold weather to freeze it is quite natural that the. In fact, the correct way is to suggest that we should computer washing room, because the computer car washer are drying procedures, can be in the body gap residual water droplets also drying out, plus artificial supplementary wipe again, such a clean body won't freeze. And, after washing the car not to prematurely stop for a long time, best can let love cars on the road run a run. Because it can put the body in the gap may be residual water left out, there is the driving process inside will open air conditioning heater, so conducive to drying, residual water door window seam and other parts of the risk, natural icing is also reduced greatly. Another note: winter after washing the car to be careful to pull the handbrake, handbrake is through the principle of pulling the handbrake lever force, through the brake lines to convey to the rear wheel braking force system. But in the winter after washing, water may enter the brake lines, the handbrake in state under the influent, and after long-term parking after the water will freeze, if at this time to brake lever back brake line, also will not move. So, in the winter washing after, should let the car travel some distance, and then pull the hand brake parking.
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